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Dr. Arun Kumar




Assistant Professor


M.Sc., Ph.D.

Career Profile
Teaching Experience in Years Area of Specialisation
Teaching Research
20 years Condensed Matter Physics Quantum Optics
Research Guidance : M.Phil/Ph.d/D.Sc./D.Litt
Name of Research Scholor Registration No. & Date Topic of Research Work Present Status(No. of Ph.D. awarded / ongoing)
05 M. Phil Students
Number of Research Papers published in Journals/Periodical
S. No. Title with page number ISSN Name of Journal Date of Publication
1 Effect of Kerr non-linearity on the dynamics of a two-level atom coupled to a single mode field, pp.143-149 ISSN:2319-4227, Vol.4, No.1 RUJOST July, 2016
2 Exact Dynamics for a Two-level Atom Interacting with Intensity Dependent Single-Mode Quantized Cavity Field in a Kerr Medium pp.129-134 ISSN:2319-4227, Vol.4, No.2(ii) RUJOST July, 2017
3 Study of Photon-statistics in intensity dependent Jaynes-Cummings Model pp.374-379 ISSN 2348-8034 GJESR 2017
4 Result of Cavity-field statistics on atomic entanglement in intensity dependent two-photon process. pp 139-146. ISSN:2319-4227, Vol.5&6, No.1&2: RUJOST Jan& July,2020- 2021
No. of seminars / conferences / workshop attended / organised
Sr.No. Seminar / Conference Date of Participation National / International
1 Workshop on Research based Pedagogical Tools 6 th -8th September 2018 National (DBT ,DST)
2 Conference (Environmental Ethics & Sustainable Development) 17th March 2019 National, (Sarla Birla University, Ranchi)
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